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La Strada

La Strada Silk Viscose kaftan Top

La Strada Silk Viscose kaftan Top

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This Silk Viscose kaftan Top is absolutely stunning. It features a navy colour that resembles the richest stars in the night sky, creating a mesmerising effect. The loose-fitting design drapes perfectly over the body, making you feel like you're surrounded by the softest clouds. The round neckline is simple and elegant, exuding a sense of sophistication, while the camel accents on the Top are warm and bright, like rays of sunshine that lift your mood. The most eye-catching feature, however, is the trendy batwing sleeves that give the blouse a unique sense of style and personality, making the wearer feel confident and charming.

It is made of 30% silk and 70% viscose. It is recommended to be cold hand washed to maintain its quality. 

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